2013 – Alston Porcelain Workshop

‘Exploring porcelain through texture’

This is a great time to write my first blog, as I’ve just returned from a one day workshop with a lovely Art Group who meet regularly at the beginning of each month.  So, here goes! After driving up a very busy M6 very early on Monday morning, from Lancashire where I have my Studio/Workshop, I began winding my way upwards, and over towards Alston.  It has been many years since I travelled that way, so it was as though I was seeing the area for the very first time.  It was beautiful!

The beautiful scenery of the moors around Alston

I was welcomed by Jenny, who had organised the workshop with me, and Jane whose Studio we were working in for the day, and with their help the car was quickly unloaded.  After a lovely welcome from the rest of the group I completed the first demonstration, and equipped with a huge variety of textures and a set of tools each which I had brought for the day everyone began working away.

I was amazed by the variety of work which was created and how, from the same principals, everyone had tackled their pieces of work in very different creative ways.  This is however, one of the aims of the class; that guidance is given but it is then about exploration, creativity and above all, enjoyment.

I hope the group were inspired by the material, and I think the consensus at the end of the day was how much had been learned about porcelain and how achievable their various ideas were with what can be a very unpredictable type of clay.  At the end of the day, all was tidied up and the huge variety of interesting work was packed into containers.  Thank you for your hospitality and the use of a very lovely and inspiring Studio for the day Jane.  The surrounding scenery is amazing!  I thoroughly enjoyed the day!

So, having managed to pack the work away like a jigsaw puzzle with Jenny’s help I then proceeded on my journey home. Keeping my speed down, I carefully maneuvered all the twists and turns and ups and downs, eventually joining the M6.   Amazingly, I arrived home with all the pieces in tact.  However,…………………they also have to survive the kiln!!!!!!!!????????  To be continued……………….


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